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NewPath Landscape Services is a company that specializes in industrial landscape design and maintenance. For years, they operated under the umbrella of another company, Allied Landscape. But in 2019, they separated as their own entity to take control of their brand and build a new business model from scratch. They needed to rebrand themselves with a new image, but pair it with a narrative that would remind customers of their history and dedication to quality service.

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The new brand is progressive in an industry known for its conservatism. NewPath will target a younger demographic that values transparency and consciousness.

We helped NewPath create a brand that would appeal to a new audience and drive more large-scale design projects, without alienating their existing customer base.

It’s about balance.

When they broke from Allied Landscape, NewPath decided to target more tech companies and commercial business parks. This meant catering to an audience that has high expectations for design and brand image, but also values experience. For existing clients, NewPath also had to prioritize the message that they are the same, trusted team. We helped them develop a modern brand that supports their new marketing strategies, but leans on their company history, striking a balance between image and reputation.

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Create a brand, craft a narrative.

We went through an extensive discovery process to understand NewPath’s goals before proposing the company’s new name or the logo design that followed. “New path” creates an easy narrative for them, representing both their business journey and the service value they offer to clients. They can tell their story from two angles, with fewer words. Visuals and messaging are aligned to portray the direction of the business and a spirit of optimism and forward-thinking.

Because we had been in business for over 13 years, it was critical that our new brand was done with the utmost care, professionalism, and creativity. The Design in Mind team did that from day one.

NewPath Landscape Services
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