Personalizing a brand to attract top talent

SurveyMonkey offers a suite of technologies that help companies collect valuable feedback from their customers, employees, and target markets. Ahead of their IPO, they needed a new strategy to attract top talent and support long-term growth. This meant rethinking their Employer Brand to appeal to a diverse range of applicants and thrive in the Bay Area’s competitive job market.

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SurveyMonkey promotes diversity and inclusion above the luxury job perks typical of Silicon Valley. They are truly “where the curious come to grow.”

We helped create a visual system that reflects SurveyMonkey values and distinguishes their Employer Brand from industry competitors, as well as their own corporate materials.

surveymonkey brand guidelines marketing design

It’s a brand within a brand.

Before engaging with us, SurveyMonkey had gone through an extensive rebrand, creating a new styleguide and library of design assets. Differentiating the Employer Brand from their corporate identity required that we work within the system and build on it. But sometimes, that’s more challenging than creating from scratch. Our strategy focused less on invention and more on scrutiny of detail and audience. We used all of the same design elements, but emphasized those that would humanize the Employer Brand and prioritize the message of diversity and inclusion.

SurveyMonkey logo design marketingbranded rubik's cube

Show, don’t tell.

When we determined what flexibility existed within the SurveyMonkey brand, we pushed for a custom photoshoot and a new library of images. After all, the best way to express the spirit of the company is to show it! We took shots of their San Mateo office to depict life on the job and enlisted members of their team for personal interviews and studio headshots. These were crucial in capturing the personality of their diverse troop and gathering invaluable quotes about how the company empowers its people. In the end, we delivered a library of over 700 photos that brought life to all of the materials they would use to engage with prospective employees.

And then, we scale.

Once brand explorations were complete, we provided the tools and templates their team would need to create new materials and ensure long-term consistency. But we also engaged our staff to help with an immediate transformation of their most crucial marketing materials. This meant redesigning over 50 deliverables in just a few weeks, so the Employer Brand could quickly scale its recruitment efforts. We were available for ongoing support and helped train their team to use the new templates for a successful workflow.

surveymonkey responsive web design mobile devices
surveymonkey logo design marketing on can

We launched the Employer Brand this morning to rave reviews. Thanks for all the amazing work and partnership.

Moe Hung
Director, Brand Design