Branding a luxury dining experience

Opening a restaurant is never easy—but it’s especially challenging when your concept is unfamiliar. iChina came to us with their vision for the first high-end, New American Chinese restaurant in Silicon Valley. We needed to help define their brand and create promotional materials that would get a large audience excited to try something new.

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iChina needed a brand that would impress. A strong narrative was key to getting the right customers through the door.

A luxury dining experience is at the heart of iChina, but luxury alone isn’t a strong foundation for a brand. We helped iChina craft a narrative about honoring traditional Chinese cuisine in a modern context—an authentic story that will connect with diners beyond the grand opening.

Set the tone for sophistication.

In addition to key messages, a brand’s story is defined by its personality, voice, and the language that helps highlight important differentiators. For iChina, it was critical to sound high-end. We used evocative language and elevated vocabulary to describe the restaurant concept, interior design vision, and menu direction, as well as communicate essential information about the dining experience for future guests.

Make it look luxe.

iChina’s visual identity had to reflect the fine-dining experience. We refined their logo concept so that it would look good across a range of mediums, from menus to the restaurant’s architecture. Then, we came up with other design elements that would lock in their elevated image, including a rich color palette, ornamental typography, and gold flourishes.

In addition to applying their new brand to their website and a suite of marketing materials, we created brand guidelines to define their visual identity and help maintain consistency as they continue to promote the restaurant for years to come.

How fast can we grow?

The new site drove significant web traffic in just four months.


site visits


unique visitors


page views

I wanted to thank you and your team for all of the work you did for the restaurant. It was a very vital part of our opening.

iChina Restaurant
Eiko Bao
Restaurant Owner

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