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Infoworks is an enterprise software company solving today’s most critical data challenges. It offers the most sophisticated data management software on the market, and yet lacked a website that could communicate the power of its technology. The company needed a redesign to make its brand feel more premium and worthy of enterprise business.

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+ Brand Refresh
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+ Project Management

We skipped the bells and whistles in favor of simplicity and polish. Enterprise customers are most impressed with ease.

Despite the redesign, it was important that Infoworks retain its logo, colors, and conservative aesthetic. Stepping into a more modern design meant widening our lens. The website was our primary focus, but we had to look beyond it to envision how a redesign may also transform the Infoworks brand.


The Infoworks story and key differentiators were lost in a cluttered user experience. We needed to simplify the site, streamline its content, and ultimately make it more intuitive. After all, websites have just seconds to establish trust, educate, and make an impression; with a quick glance, Infoworks had to look worthy of major enterprise investments.

How could we modernize the site without ditching the traditional feel of its brand? We would have to explore styles that balance corporate appeal with today’s trends. Think: simple and sophisticated.


We used key landing pages to explore new visuals. Our concepts centered on abstract representations of the cloud and the flow of data. We didn’t fuss with flashy animations or builds, but did use photography and graphics to give a sense of movement to the site. Every detail reflected innovation and professionalism.

Beyond look and feel, we had to be equally thoughtful of user experience. We reworked the sitemap, reduced content, and created clear pathways to critical product information. Without clutter or confusion, users were pushed to a single call to action across the site. Frustration was replaced by focused leads.


We not only helped Infoworks redesign its website, but elevate its brand with various elements that will extend beyond the web. The company now projects an elite image fitting of its advanced technology and aligned to the high expectations of enterprise customers.

Committed to our clients’ success on all fronts, we also simplified the backend of the site to make it easier to manage. We replaced jumbled WordPress themes with custom templates so the internal team could make quick edits, frequent updates, and even add new pages. The site (and brand) is set to scale.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of the great work getting the site live. I’m personally grateful for the teamwork and immediate troubleshooting!


Stacy Saxon

VP Field Marketing

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