A rebrand to reflect the joy in learning

Action Day is an award-winning private school with ten campuses in the South Bay Area. It offers four programs to provide students continuous education from infancy through eighth grade and promotes individualized learning and enrichment. Above all, Action Day needed a rebrand and visual identity to reflect its unique culture. We stepped up.

+ Brand Strategy
+ Logo Design
+ Tagline
+ Visual Identity System
+ Brand Guidelines
+ Asset Library
+ Marketing Materials

A bright, playful, and illustrative new look brings energy and excitement to the school’s brand.

Action Day wanted a brand with a more intentional personality—one that exudes joy, laughter, and warmth to reflect the spirit of their schools. We created a system of logos, visual identity, and brand guidelines that did just that.


Ultimately, Action Day wanted a brand that could make parents feel at ease; it had to instill confidence that their child would not only be safe at school, but thrive. Action Day’s core values and learning philosophy had to shine through—promoting self discovery, creativity, and play.

The new brand also had to unite Action Day’s four programs—infant care, preschool, elementary, and middle school—with a cohesive look and feel.


We created a system of logos that helps align and identify each of the school’s programs—all clearly labeled as Action Day, but individualized through the use of text and color. We also developed the tagline “Discover the fun in a life of learning” and paired it with bright colors and whimsical illustrations so every piece of the brand feels playful and welcoming. Photography of smiling, active students is used prevalently, and text is bold with cursive accents for easy reading with a bit of personality. (We even designed two of their mascots!)

Every style choice is thoughtful and detailed. Best of all: the graphic elements, illustrations, and photos can be tailored per age range. While others in the private school space are buttoned-up and serious, Action Day stands out.


After many challenges working with another agency, Action Day wanted a partner that understood the local community and could guide them through brand development. We rose to the occasion, assigning a team stacked with local parents—a major plus!—and extensive experience in education branding. We talked through their goals and challenges and advised where to award time and focus so the rebrand could power an important re-enrollment campaign and other marketing objectives.

We are proud to have impressed their team and to have developed a long-term, trusted partnership; It will be exciting to help Action Day continue to grow and nuance its brand.

Design in mind understood what we wanted from the start, pulling it off easily. Their skill to turn our ideas into amazing things showed their creativity and knowledge. They didn’t just accept our history, values, and mission – they improved them. These were gently woven into the project, showing deep respect for who we are as an organization.

Action Day Schools
Alejandra Ariza
Marketing Manager