A rebrand that shows empathy in action

Project Peace is a faith-based nonprofit that unites more than 30 churches to serve the most vulnerable populations in the East Bay. They mobilize a large group of volunteers and donors, and host events to discuss inequities within local systems and policies. But the Project Peace brand was stale and confusing; the organization needed a new image that could fuel its mission and appeal to a growing constituency. They were selected to receive our annual Design in Kind grant and we led the rebrand.

+ Logo Design
+ Visual Identity System
+ Asset Library
+ Brand Guidelines
+ Marketing Templates

To promote a mission of biblical justice, the rebrand had to look modern, dynamic, and hopeful.

Above all, Project Peace wanted the new brand to reflect its commitment to flourishing local communities. We revitalized their image with a total redesign of their logo, visual identity, and key marketing templates.


In addition to being outdated, the Project Peace brand was often misunderstood to have political and peacemaking associations. Their primary goal was to create a new image that was both vibrant and intentional. The brand had to be unique to its mission—conveying notions of hope, connection, and community. It also had to appeal to an affluent pool of donors and volunteers and offer rapid scalability as the organization works to expand its impact.


We created a logo that is bold and rich with symbolism. A subtle cross is at the center of the new mark to maintain an important tie to faith. A circle represents a united community, and intersecting lines depict people coming together. The design is fresh, friendly, and clean—with a boost of energy that extends into every detail of the brand.

A drab color palette has been updated into bright hues of blue, orange and green. We also introduced patterns and icons, and used photography to promote warmth and authenticity. A stylized secondary font shows personality and bold graphics command attention across their marketing materials.


Project Peace is an exceptionally active organization that is motivated to drive meaningful change in the East Bay communities they serve. The new brand reflects that momentum, looks forward, and invites people in. It balances grassroots humility with modern polish and is warm, bright, and approachable.

We also helped Project Peace identify what marketing materials to prioritize against their goals for growth and built a suite of editable templates to mobilize their team.

As a small non-profit, we were so grateful to receive the Design in Kind grant. They helped us create a new logo, visual identity, brand guidelines, and various templates to get started. We experienced great project management and communication throughout the project. The team was professional, efficient, and fun!

Project Peace

Lisa Smith

Director of Operations