Investing in the detail to modernize a legacy brand

Broadvoice was ready to shift its image from legacy telecom to a connect-from-anywhere platform. They needed a fresh, modern rebrand that would reflect their new suite of cloud-based offerings—and reel in bigger customers. Their team had already laid the groundwork with a thorough competitive analysis and responsive brand strategy, but they needed an agency partner to carry out the visual side of the story and create materials their teams could easily scale.

Logo Refresh
Brand Guidelines
Asset Libraries
Print Collateral
Content Strategy
Social Media Template

To stay competitive, Broadvoice needed a visual identity that would complement their new strategy and amplify their message.

We helped Broadvoice refine their logo, explore modern design treatments, and outline all of their brand decisions in a detailed guideline. Additionally, asset libraries and a set of key marketing templates empowered their team to scale quickly and launch their new brand with consistency across all use cases.

Success lies in the details.

Broadvoice was ready for a new look. Their goal was to become the “Virgin America” of telecom: fresh, clean, and vibrant. To do it right, we had to hone in on the details. We worked to extend their visual system with new design elements like simple line iconography, patterns for depth, and an approachable secondary color palette. We also streamlined their logo and updated their typography—subtle changes with eye-catching impact. Most importantly, we developed an extremely detailed guideline that set clear use standards so their team knew how to create new materials correctly and consistently.

broadvoice marketing and branding design mug
broadvoice marketing and branding design notebook

Set them up to scale.

When we complete a brand guideline, we always include sample executions to show how all elements are intended to come together. But, Broadvoice took their commitment to the next level by investing in templates—a level of detail that can make all the difference in a team’s ability to understand (and scale) a new brand. By designing templates for their primary marketing materials, we demonstrated the full power of the new Broadvoice brand, showing its range and flexibility by use-case and how the design elements could be adapted, omitted, or accentuated against specific goals.

We didn’t reinvent Broadvoice with this new brand; we solidified our core values, so that we can consistently deliver brilliant experiences to our partners and customers as we transition to the next chapter for Broadvoice.

Marisa Freeden
Vice President, Brand & Experience