Re-energizing an event brand to inspire developers

As an established industry event for software developers, DevOps World was ready for a new brand that could propel it into the future. We were tasked with up-leveling the experience to create a brand attendees would get excited about; developers should step into a new world to feel inspired by the boundless possibilities of their industry.

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Video production by ThinkTank Creative

The new graphic system was vibrant and interactive, setting a scene of wonder and fantasy.

Our designers set to work, transforming the venue into an out-of-this-world experience. From unexpected shapes and animals, to cloudscapes and futuristic grids, the visuals were made to evoke imagination and spark excitement for a collaborative future.


We were tasked with re-energizing the DevOps brand away from its previously corporate look and feel. Our designs had to contemporize the event with unexpected, ultramodern, and sensational new visuals.

The new brand had to represent the full spectrum of talents in the global development community. Ultimately, we had to design a space as interactive as the experiences these developers create. It needed to be imaginative, dynamic, and inspirational. Fortunately, the client was open to big ideas; we could unleash our creativity without limitation.

Your innovation in recreating the brand helped shape and create a real ReMix. And our partnership as we planned the in-person event and flexibility and commitment as we pivoted to virtual was invaluable. Thank you for the excellent work.

Saskia Webster-Zazzi
Director, Global Events Marketing


The creative freedom of this event allowed our team to present innovative, eccentric design concepts. Every detail was symbolic. Characters from stingrays to mushrooms lined the walls, each chosen to represent a role within the development community; it was like walking through a surreal ecosystem that celebrated each contribution. In “Where’s Waldo” fashion, we also featured DevOps’ iconic character, Jenkins, throughout the event as a nod to its legacy.

We maximized the brandable space, filling every corner with vibrant displays, big and small. Our team even leveraged new software to push digital applications of the theme, too. We ditched traditional keynotes in favor of interactive video and helped create graphics that spanned the stage for IMAX-like impact.


The new DevOps brand is dynamic and scalable and will evolve as the theme changes each year. It pushed our team to explore the bounds of their creativity, develop new skills, and rethink traditional approaches.

We helped transform a massive venue into a dreamscape and were there to oversee installation, watching it come to life without a hitch. Then in the final hours, we went back to production as inclement weather pushed the event virtual. The client appreciated our quick pivot and we were all thrilled to see how easily the new brand could flex to a digital format. Online or in-person, DevOps World makes a big impression.

The Design in Mind team is fantastic! They are a hands-on, innovative agency that is agile and responsive to business needs and changes. In two short months they were able to rebrand an industry event, including a strategy of its onsite presence!


Saskia Webster-Zazzi

Director, Global Events Marketing