Taking a human approach to event branding

ON24 helps marketers create interactive webinars to better engage their audiences. They also help organizations understand audience behavior and provide meaningful insights that drive revenue. Every year, ON24 hosts a user conference called “Webinar World” to celebrate their technology and customers. But ahead of the 2019 event, they had also undergone a massive rebrand and wanted to create an environment that promoted their new image. Webinar World 2019 would not only reflect their aesthetic, but drive the narrative that ON24 is a “more human way to engage.”

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As a company that promotes the importance of audience engagement, ON24 was determined to create an event that was both visually stunning and interactive.

We helped make Webinar World a reflection of ON24’s new brand and designed an experience that kept attendees actively engaged and learning.

Step into the brand.

Event design requires acute attention to detail. To mirror ON24’s brand, we had to use many of their existing design elements, but find a way to reinterpret them so the space felt both familiar and new. We used their geometric patterns, illustration style, and the experience of the product itself to create different parts of our theme. The “spectrum” graphic is one of ON24’s most defining visual elements, using bright colors to symbolize the human values central to their brand. It inspired the primary graphic in our system, and brought the space to life with movement.

webinerd event branding grid event and logo design
WW19 branded archway logo design event design
ON24 webinar world event in hotel lobby

Design the experience, not the space.

Our venue presented a large, open floorplan with endless branding opportunities and total creative freedom. But budget controls the reality. We had to consider the space from every angle and identify what deliverables would have the most impact. We collaborated with ON24 and their event planners to align on priorities, knowing the most important details were not visual, but tactical as we designed the attendees’ path through the space. We filled the largest areas with hands-on activations that got them to interact with content, the ON24 product, and each other to learn various webinar techniques and leave the event with new knowledge.

grid of webinar world 19 event environmental design
#webinerd print with polaroids

Webinar World helped evolve our brand. Design in Mind explored new styles, created a beautiful space, and always advocated for our customers’ experience. From our website and earliest promotions to on-site installation the day of the event, they were there for us.

Tessa Barron
Sr. Director, Marketing