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Automation Anywhere has revolutionized enterprise workflows. They offer groundbreaking robotics and AI technologies that automate business processes and eliminate repetitive tasks. Every year, they host the world’s largest event for RPA professionals; “Bot Games” is part developer conference, part hackathon. It’s held a day ahead of their larger user conference, and tours the same four locations around the world. With increasing popularity, Bot Games soon required its own unique brand and event experience. Tackling the design work at the same time as their larger conference gave us the advantage of easily distinguishing the two events and streamlining our design process.

  • Event Branding
  • Environment Design
  • Art Direction & Strategy
  • Vendor Management
  • On-Site Support
  • Keynote Presentations

Bot Games is about competition, but more so, community. It creates a space for RPA developers to meet, learn from (and outsmart) their peers.

We helped create a unique identity for Bot Games, to differentiate it from Automation Anywhere’s larger user conference and better promote it to a niche audience of developers.

Design a different experience.

The primary objective in creating the Bot Games identity was individualization. Though it had to look like a sub-brand of Automation Anywhere, it also had to stand alone, in stark contrast to the company’s larger user conference. Bot Games is not elegant or dreamy like “Imagine.” It is dark, energetic, and edgy. It doesn’t use surrealism or photography, but instead, features a system of technical-looking illustrations. The primary image is a paper plane that has been part of Automation Anywhere’s brand since its inception, and all designs showcase the heat of their orange and red. Like “Imagine,” Bot Games is a step ahead of other events in its class; echoing the company’s value of innovation, it creates a unique environment that celebrates progressive technology and the brilliant minds that come to learn and compete.

grid of bot games event environmental design
botgames screen for registration logo design

Develop a community.

Every decision that contributed to the Bot Games experience had RPA developers in mind. The designs were tailored to this audience and looked unlike anything Automation Anywhere has ever done. But to truly exceed expectations, we had to think beyond design and create a sense of community. Success was contingent on mastering the smallest details. We created an original look and feel, and chimed in on everything from the lighting and music to the agenda. By the end, we had created an event that exudes energy. Attendees are proud to participate and the stage is set for Bot Games to continue to grow and shine as the biggest event in the industry.

grid of bot games event design
giant botgames check being awarded
botgames people dancing
Conference event tables full of people

Design in Mind has helped us grow our marquee Bot Games into a comprehensive experience for technologists, developers and automation enthusiasts to meet demands of the explosive robotic process automation (RPA) industry. Our global Bot Games have become memorable events, full of energy and enthusiasm from the RPA community. Thanks to the Design in Mind team for their partnership and talent that continue to help us achieve our vision to network with our peers and help them showcase their technical smarts.

Automation Anywhere
Rushabh Parmani
Co-Founder & EVP