Defining the digital event experience

Every year, we help Automation Anywhere brand their premier customer conference. The conference usually travels to multiple international locations, but just as details were being confirmed for the 2020 roadshow, the COVID-19 pandemic struck and all travel was halted. We were asked to quickly pivot and transform our ideas for the event into a virtual experience. The approach changed drastically overnight, but what remained was the challenge to surprise attendees and reflect the growth and grandeur of the event. How could we recreate the impact of this global event series, while contained to a screen?

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Imagine is an event series known for its shock and awe. Going digital, that expectation remained.

As we shifted our focus to a digital event, we stretched ourselves to think beyond the boundaries of a virtual experience. Our ability to collaborate with other vendors proved crucial to the event’s success—and helped drive unparalleled audience engagement.

Adopt a digital mindset.

As the pandemic struck, virtual events became a quick trend; ours had to be better. A physical event feels custom because every detail can be tailored to the location. But for a digital event, we knew we’d have to innovate to allow Automation Anywhere’s brand and content to shine across time zones, cultures, and screen sizes. From previous user testing, we knew design played a major role in engagement, so rather than rethink our approach to event branding, we had to adapt it.

We designed keynote presentations for the personal screen, tailored content to a global audience, and helped create a virtual stage experience that boasted high-quality video over clunky webinars. A mix of live and on-demand content, animation, interactive features, and vibrant visuals made the 3-day event feel like an upgrade rather than a compromise; the quality and engagement were palpable.

Thank you so much for all your help as always. I feel privileged to work with you and your team every day. This project was a great learning experience for all of us.

Automation Anywhere
Gary Conway
Chief Evangelist

Thank you so much for all your help as always. I feel privileged to work with you and your team every day. This project was a great learning experience for all of us.

Automation Anywhere
Gary Conway
Chief Evangelist

Collaboration breeds results.

With all of the changes demanded by digitization, our collaboration methods were perhaps the most affected. As soon as the decision was made to go virtual, the vendor list changed completely. While we still led design and branding efforts, other key players drove UI/UX strategy and video production (Zurb and Multi Image Group, respectively). Though our teams had differentiated expertise, we soon realized that our efforts were intertwined.

To enhance collaboration, we developed a shared production and review process, used design software that enabled real-time co-creation, and co-strategized ways to create a single, spectacular experience. As a long-time partner of Automation Anywhere, we were also able to leverage a detailed history of their preferences to strengthen our cumulative efforts. The result: an event reimagined but familiar, and three vendors united by its success.

Virtual events are here to stay.

In the end, Automation Anywhere was able to extend its reach to a wider customer base, and enrolled more attendees than any other year in the event’s history. Even as the Imagine event series inevitably returns to a tri-continental roadshow, digital events will remain a part of their long-term strategy.




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With this event, Design in Mind helped us withstand extreme pressure as we quickly pivoted to a virtual format. Everything they designed was stunning and they were incredible program managers. They represented our team in meetings, were always responsive, and thought of every stakeholder and dependency needed to get things done quickly. The event was wildly successful; we highly recommend this team.

Automation Anywhere
Gaby Duniphin
Sr. Manager, Global Events