A school site built for female leaders

Notre Dame High School is a Catholic, college-preparatory school for young women located in downtown San Jose. Since 1851, they’ve worked to maintain a progressive and challenging curriculum that focuses on women’s leadership. Notre Dame’s program fosters intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and social responsibility. But despite their impressive learning culture, their outdated site was failing to mirror their best qualities. As a Silicon Valley school, they were especially frustrated that they were falling short of the common standards for web design and technology.

  • Website Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Web Styleguide

To connect with prospective families, Notre Dame needed a modern website that clearly portrays campus culture.

We redesigned their website to ensure their unique culture and curriculum were the focus, and that it would speak to a diverse audience of students.

Keep up with campus culture.

Because Notre Dame is the oldest all-girls high school on the west coast, it was important that their new website not lose its sense of tradition. We redesigned it to reflect their Catholic values, as well as their innovative curriculum and progressive push toward the future. The redesign emphasizes the values that turn young women into strong leaders and highlights their most successful programs and events. And, it’s supported by a robust Content Management System that makes timely updates a painless process so they can keep everything current. Never again will the school fail to reflect itself accurately.

notre dame san jose web design laptop mockup

Make it an easy read.

Extensive content strategy was crucial in creating an intuitive user experience. We simplified their navigation and redesigned all of their key landing pages, stripping excess content and using CTAs to prioritize Notre Dame’s primary objectives—admissions, academics, and donations. Because 50% of their students report speaking a different language at home, we also implemented Google Translate to offer 103 different languages (and readability) to their growing, multicultural community. As a result, users with varying interests, backgrounds, and questions were able to find content quickly, and with ease.

We are so thankful to have a website that now reflects our unique culture and values. The response has been extremely positive and our team is thrilled with the ease in making updates. Thank you for helping us represent our school and students so thoughtfully.

Notre Dame High School
Brigitte Heiser
Director of Communications