Revitalizing an AI brand for hyper-growth

Chooch is a Silicon Valley startup that is revolutionizing visual monitoring technology. Boasting the world’s best AI software, it’s capable of analyzing video content in nanoseconds to help improve how organizations in most industries operate. But Chooch’s brand didn’t stand up to the sophistication of its technology. A rebrand and website redesign were imperative–that’s where we came in.

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AI Vision is an unprecedented technology. The brand had to look confident, powerful, and electric.

Ultimately, the Chooch rebrand had to look and feel as exciting as its extraordinary platform. We helped revitalize the company’s logo, visual identity, and website on the cusp of hyper-growth. A bold and vibrant new image would help them emerge as a leader in computer vision technology. Chooch was ready to take risks.


Chooch’s innovation was being dimmed by stale branding and a clunky user experience. To continue to scale, the company needed to drastically modernize its image. But a rebrand meant more than polish; we had to look ten years into the future for an identity that would feel both supremely cutting-edge and accessible.

A new logo wasn’t enough. They needed an entirely new visual system–fonts, colors, image treatments, custom graphics–everything was on the table. Keeping the website in mind as our primary use case, the greatest challenge would be exploring brand and site architecture at the same time.


We created a logo that is vibrant and fluid, symbolizing the dynamic flow of visual data. Continuous curves not only resemble the letter “C” but evoke the idea of infinite possibilities and the “full lifecycle” that Chooch emphasizes as a key differentiator. We showed the new mark in various real-world applications; mockups helped Chooch begin to imagine everything from basic marketing materials to the most critical touchpoints in print and digital media.

Our focus was the website. We used the exploration of key landing pages to hone every detail of the brand. In the end, Chooch favored a delicate, yet vibrant look and achieved a modern site transformed by bright color, clean layouts, and thoughtful detail.


We helped Chooch revitalize its brand at a critical point of growth and potential investment. It looks elegant, modern, and confident–especially on the web. The site is a bright new spotlight for the company. It’s intuitive and engaging and carves clear information pathways for a diverse audience of prospects. In the backend, a Hubspot CRM will also ensure Chooch is able to manage leads, update content, and create new campaigns with ease. They are set to scale.

This project reminded us of the importance of relationship building and rapport. We went the extra mile to help Chooch visualize its new brand, guide their feedback, and collaborate on ideas throughout the project. We also provided content strategy and custom tools to ensure their copywriters could stay in sync with our design. Taking the time to listen, share their vision, and tailor our approach was clutch.

This is one of the best logo/branding & website projects in my career – your team is very talented. The logo, design, and website all elevate Chooch to the next level and well positions us for future growth.

Nita Patel
VP of Marketing

Thank you both for the incredible work you’ve done for Chooch. I think a fresh, tasteful, impactful website has been accomplished. As always, the quality of your work is wonderful. I have so appreciated the design talent and communication that is clear, simple, and human. Very impressive.


Gary Conway

Brand Strategist

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