Rebranding a nonprofit to amplify its impact

Children Rising, formerly Faith Network of the East Bay, is an Oakland-based nonprofit that rallies support for under-resourced public schools. They help students faced by generations of poverty and educational inequity rise above substantial challenges and ignite their academic potential. After 18 years of service, Faith Network decided to change their name to “Children Rising” to better reflect their mission, promote their work, and garner support. This prompted an urgent need for a rebrand, and an agency partner that could guide them through the process.

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children rising logo design branding stationery set

Children Rising had built a strong reputation but knew a rebrand was crucial to extending their reach in the community.

We created a modern brand for Children Rising. Building from their years of service as Faith Network, the new brand maintains the original’s integrity while strengthening its presence in the Oakland community.

Build on what already works.

children rising logo design on package

To ensure their new brand would amplify the impact of the last, we leveraged familiar styles that would resonate with their existing audience and partners; we used a color palette and illustration style that were similar to the original brand. But with other design elements, we were assertive in creating something new and bold—it was about achieving balance. Children Rising wanted to maintain its strong reputation in the community but modernize its image to appeal to a new generation of volunteers, students, and schools. Our design solutions walked the line between familiarity and reinvention to empower a new digital marketing strategy.

children rising marketing booklet brand guidelines

Let us do the heavy lifting.

Over the years, we’ve developed an ongoing partnership with Children Rising, helping them with several campaigns, a website redesign, and annual creative support for their “Hope for Children Now” fundraising gala. Though they’re well-staffed to sustain day-to-day marketing efforts, we are proud to support these larger initiatives. We’ve collaborated with them to preserve the integrity of their brand during crucial periods of growth and outreach, and provided them with the design support, tools, assets, and guidance needed to scale. The Children Rising rebrand is the culmination of our efforts, enriched by years of partnership. It’s a detailed and thoughtful brand solution that will support their marketing for years to come.

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children rising logo design web design
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Thank you! Your team is amazing. You created something very special for us and did so in an extremely short period of time. We’re excited to roll out our new brand and believe it will be instrumental in engaging the larger community and ultimately, serving more and more children in the coming years.

Children Rising
Chelsea Boniak
Director of Development