A bold look for an innovative signage company

BLR is an integrated signage and graphics company that’s been serving the Bay Area since 1974. Over the years, their business shifted from producing one-off signs to focusing on large-scale, tech-integrated signage systems. They needed to modernize their brand to reflect the scale and quality of their work and reposition themselves as leaders in the signage industry.

Logo Design
Brand Guidelines
Web Design
Content Strategy
Web Development

This rebrand required more than a visual facelift. A new brand identity and website helps showcase BLR’s dynamic capabilities.

We helped identify a new story for BLR that would better showcase their ability to tackle large-scale projects and bring innovative ideas to the table.

Building blocks of a bold image.

The logo design combines CMYK and RGB pixels to represent the intersection of print and digital signage—BLR’s sweet spot. We modernized the brand by overhauling the look and feel, transforming their image with vibrant colors, large areas of black and white contrast, and extra bold fonts.

The foundation of a new narrative.

Before we could come up with a content strategy and narrative, it was crucial for us to understand the details of BLR’s business.

We conducted multiple interviews with their CEO to tease out important details about the impact of their work, key differentiators, and company values—all of which informed their primary messages. Extensive competitor research helped us fill in the gaps and create a distinctive brand story.

A website design to match the rebrand.

To modernize the site, we overhauled the existing structure and simplified the page hierarchy and menu. The navigation and messaging aligned to make it easier for users to quickly identify BLR’s offerings and follow their narrative across every page.

Because a picture is worth 1,000 words, we also encouraged BLR to take a “show, don’t tell” approach to their work. Our website design laid a foundation for prominent imagery and helped push their audience to detailed, visually rich case studies.

Thanks for all the effort from you and your team. I really enjoyed working with everyone, going through the creative process, and most of all the outcomes. All top notch.

Kevin Griffin
General Manager