Design that drives into the future

Cruise is a leader in autonomous vehicles, aspiring to “drive cities forward” with safe, reliable, and convenient driverless technology. In hot pursuit of large investments from companies like GM, Honda, and Microsoft, Cruise wanted a new agency partner to design its most critical marketing pieces. Our team transformed the company’s reports, presentations, and onesheets to highlight its most impressive stats at a time of unprecedented growth.

+ Marketing Collateral
+ Digital Publications
+ Infographics
+ Presentations
+ Annual Reports
+ Content Strategy
+ Art Direction
+ Brand Expansion

The new designs focus on data, bringing elegance and energy to the facts and figures of a driverless future.

Cruise asked us to explore new design styles, think beyond their current guidelines, and help bring its most important content to life. These projects created new Infographics, type treatments, and layouts to expand the brand and reinforce its innovation.


Cruise had done great work developing a bold, clean, and striking brand, but the startup needed an agency partner that could help bring it to scale. In keen focus were large digital publications—safety and impact reports, especially—that required exploration of new design styles and layouts to bring interest and order to dense information.


With each project, we were encouraged to push boundaries, try new things, and think beyond the current state of the Cruise brand. While we had to use the assets and guidelines in place, we explored how to use them differently and brought an editorial eye and inventive new layouts to the job. We highlighted the company’s key stats with bold typography, used full-bleed images and large bodies of red to command attention, and favored high contrast for a sense of drama.


We helped Cruise expand its brand, develop new design styles, and ultimately increase the impact of its digital publications. Each deliverable was beautiful, modern, and unexpected—giving new direction (and more flexibility) to marketing materials to follow.

As projects began to mount, our team also safeguarded consistency, developing standardized treatments for infographics, imagery, text, and layout. These thoughtful design decisions helped reduce fear around the topic of driverless vehicles by highlighting the company’s strengths and projecting an air of confidence, ingenuity, and trust. The reports were considered “mission-critical” in meetings with investors and were awarded high visibility on the Cruise website. We are honored to have helped the company gain momentum as pioneers in the industry.

Thank you for the great work. These mission-critical pieces align with our safety story and business prioritization for the year. Definitely well received.

Zach Loker
Head of Creative Operations