Scaling an event & taking it global

Automation Anywhere offers robotics and artificial intelligence technologies that empower efficiency. They help automate business processes by eliminating mundane, repetitive tasks from enterprise workflows. In the last few years, they have seen incredible growth and have become a global force in the tech industry. Their annual user conference “Imagine” echoes their success, and has helped nurture and grow partnerships worldwide. It’s a stunning example of how an event can build brand awareness and contribute to overall perception. But as it grows larger each year, it also becomes a greater design challenge; the experience must scale to match its momentum.

Award Winning Project
  • Event Branding
  • Environment Design
  • Art Direction & Strategy
  • Vendor Management
  • On-Site Support
  • Keynote Presentations
Automation Anywhere Dimensional logo on water

Automation Anywhere thrives on new ideas, innovative technology, and sophisticated design. We apply the same spirit to every event.

We’re given a huge amount of creative freedom, with one caveat: make each event bigger, better, and more beautiful than the last. “Imagine” must look both elegant and forward-thinking…appropriately futuristic, but also human. We help Automation Anywhere create both a physical and technological experience that stuns their customers around the globe.

Create a spectacle.

Our goal is to completely transform each venue with a bit of shock and awe. We push our designs far beyond what is typical of conference signage—from the images we create, to the materials we print on. In 2019, our theme explored the idea of imagination and encouraged people to think beyond what they could see. The event’s logo, all of our imagery, and the mirrors we used throughout the space teased what’s hidden from sight. For an additional wow-factor, we even designed a massive, 14-foot mirrored logo, that slowly spun at the entrance of the venue. As it turned, it reflected the surrounding skyline and the attendees as they came and went from the event. It was both a spectacular image itself, and the event’s greatest photo op; we created that experience.

grid of automation anywhere event design

This event has driven millions of dollars in incremental sales, and attendance continues to grow. Its reputation is strong, and without the experience you created, it wouldn’t have been possible. We value your team’s talent, tenacity (and long hours). It has made such a huge difference.

Automation Anywhere
Gary Conway
Chief Evangelist, Office of the CEO

Design for an international audience.

One of the greatest challenges is the forethought it takes to ensure our designs will work globally. In 2019, the event traveled to four cities worldwide. We localized the primary images to feature specific cityscapes from each location: London, New York, Tokyo, and Bangalore. But we also carefully enforced consistency across every “Imagine” event in the series. We overcame unpredictable venues with different floor plans, limitations, and vendors, and applied a thoughtful eye to each. Every location appeared custom to attendees, but maintained the integrity of the brand. The event toured the globe, never losing its effect or impact.

Check out the highlights from 2019.



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Design in Mind’s contributions to this event and our customer experience have been inspiring, creative, and flawlessly executed. They have been a true partner and have shared our goals. We value their commitment to our company.

Auomation Anywhere
Neeti Mehta Shukla
Co-Founder, SVP Brand & Culture