Turning weekly campaigns into consistent clicks

Hayneedle is a major online retailer of home furnishings and decor. They sell millions of products and over 3,000 brands. Sales are fueled by ongoing promotions, with several email and digital ad campaigns running each week. But due to sudden shifts in the Hayneedle organization, they needed agency support to sustain their momentum. This work quickly shifted from maintenance into conversations about how to support their long-term growth.

  • Digital Ad Campaigns
  • HTML Email Campaigns
  • Direct Mail
  • Content Creation

For Hayneedle, campaigns do more than push the latest sale; they curate content that stands out in a marketplace crowded with competition.

We dove in head-first and began tackling hundreds of unique campaign assets for Hayneedle per month. Beyond production, we’ve helped create new standards for their ads and have streamlined a process to maximize the quality and impact of their promotions.

hayneedle living room on circles marketing

Partnership is
our priority.

From the start, Hayneedle needed support with a huge volume of work. Between email and ad promotions, they run approximately 12 campaigns a week, each requiring two unique design concepts and dozens of individual assets. The work is constant, with production and reviews running in parallel cycles. To keep up, we work on a monthly retainer and have a dedicated team of designers and project managers who account for every detail. The retainer helps forecast Hayneedle deadlines and reserve our bandwidth, so we can always prioritize their work. We are a true extension of their team.

Set it up for success.

As our partnership transformed from maintenance to long-term support, we worked to streamline the efforts between our teams. This meant taking a step back to understand how Hayneedle works internally and aligning on a new process that would maximize efficiency on both sides. We initiated a system of “collaborative briefs” so our teams could join forces using Google docs to submit new requests, clarify project details, and document feedback remotely. We also host weekly live reviews with all stakeholders to speed up revisions and approvals. The synergy between our teams has been our foundation for success and we are proud that Hayneedle values not only our design expertise, but our leadership in project strategy.

responsive web design for hayneedle on difference devices

Over the past year, Hayneedle has relied on Design in Mind to execute our entire marketing asset plan. They custom-tailored a process for us to deliver high-performing designs on a daily basis. From brand work to daily email marketing to onsite design, DIM never misses an ask. I’m grateful for this dynamic relationship and highly recommend their expertise and talent.

Leslie Jeffries
Managing Editor