A playbook that breaks convention

In early 2019, LinkedIn was preparing to launch a new product called Talent Hub. As an applicant tracking system that allows companies to source, manage, and hire job candidates on a single platform, it was a game-changer. But LinkedIn had never launched a product in a competitive space; they’re accustomed to pushing new (unrivaled) technologies. Talent Hub would force their sales team to face a much bigger challenge: to prove the value of their product above others and convince already-contracted customers to try it.

Award Winning Project

Visual Theme
Booklet Design
Promotional Assets

LinkedIn marketing booklet design

This was a major product launch for LinkedIn, and their sales team needed inspiration to rise to the new challenge of disrupting the market.

Our job was to create a booklet that would prepare LinkedIn’s sales team to face the hard sell. While informative, it was most important that the book empower their team with the message: “You can do this.”

How do you define disruption?

This project granted us creative control of both copy and visuals. Under a tight deadline, we tackled messaging and design in tandem and fused them in a way that amplified the energy of the book. We defined what the ambiguous theme of “disruption” looked and sounded like and used powerful imagery that demanded attention. Loosely inspired by revolutions throughout history, our theme of “disruption” was bold in its expression of strength, grit, and nonconformity.

Booklet spread with blue paint splash behind marketing brochure design

Overall, I had goose-bumps. You all really knocked this out of the park. Working with your team could not have been better.

Lauren Sanderson
Sr. Go-To-Market Consultant

Put a twist on it.

It’s a unique challenge to design something for a company’s internal team, rather than their customers. An internal audience becomes numb to their company’s brand and desensitized to the images, colors, and other elements that surround them every day.

To truly reach LinkedIn’s sales team, our playbook would have to strike a balance between conforming to their current brand and creating something entirely new. We used many familiar design elements but surprised them with others, and pushed the boundaries of LinkedIn’s brand guidelines to (literally) splatter the pages with interest.

infographic marketing brochure design printout booklet

Thank you everyone for your help in developing these books! They are by far the strongest we have ever produced and the branding is so on-point with disruption.

Sam Wener
Manager, New Product Consulting
paint splatter with cityscape masked