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Neurocea is a biopharmaceutical company developing a drug to treat falls (and related injuries) in Parkinson’s patients and at-risk seniors. As they’ve moved forward with clinical trials, attracting partners to develop and commercialize their drug has become imperative. They asked us to build a website to help them appeal to investors; the kicker—we only had three weeks to design, develop, and launch. To meet the quick deadline, we had to adapt our typical process and lean into our scrappy side to enact time-saving measures, while also exploring their nascent brand.

  • Website Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Copyediting
  • Web Development
  • WordPress CMS

Neurocea’s website needed to reflect their product’s high degree of innovation, and their tight timeline demanded that we adapt our approach without skimping on quality.

In just three weeks, we created a new website designed to highlight Neurocea’s science and reel in investors. We implemented an aggressive review schedule, worked design and content in tandem, and leveraged a WordPress template to cut development time.

neurocea responsive web design phone and desktop

Work a parallel process.

We found ourselves faced with the challenge of creating content and design in tandem. Without time for a clean hand-off between teams, we worked collaboratively to develop both sides of the project in real-time, agreeing on a target layout and making adjustments as content was finalized. We took a critical eye to the client’s draft copy to identify key messaging and break it up for placement in the design; meanwhile, our design team developed images and styles. This process mandated our understanding of the science behind the product. Through research and client interviews, we wrapped our heads around enough neuroscience to make strategic recommendations.

neurocea web and icon design laptop

Review in real-time.

The tight deadline also heavily impacted our review process. But, an unprecedented timeline called for a new approach. We implemented live client reviews to walk through design and content on each page and make changes in real-time. During these sessions, we also shared our knowledge of modern design and development to educate the client on best practices and coach them through the site map and functionality. Ultimately, we made major brand decisions live and balanced education with gathering client feedback.

neurocea web design interior pages desktop

It has been a pleasure working with you and your team on Neurocea’s website. I was very impressed how professional your organization and your team has been. The website is beautiful and is exactly what I wanted, especially in this short of time.

Ari Azhir
Founder & Board Member